A passionate full-stack web developer with experience in building the product from scratch. Had an in-depth knowledge in building the startup environment and being a core member in two startups. Currently creating and building products that kindle my interest and passion.

I am a maverick, who thinks outside the box, refuse to play by the rules, take risks and have a relentless drive to reinvent and revolutionise the system.

My coding journey started from C, Java, PHP and now working on nextjs. Crossed working with languages, tools and platforms like react, node, MongoDB, AWS, firebase, and lot more.

I’m a curious learner and you can see me with my laptop except for my sleeping hours. I have tried out with several things like stories, poets and drawings. If you wish to see my doodlings check out my blog.

I’ll share topics related to Javascript, Nodejs, APIs and concepts like UI/UX, product design, development with my learning and experience here and twitter.

Follow me in twitter @code_rams to get connected. Trust me you wont feel bored :p